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Durable washing machine rental in Groningen

need a household appliance in Groningen?

Rental of household appliances
like a  washingmachine, tumbledryer, fridge, dishwasher, etc etc..

Wasching machine from € 11.99

“all inclusive” rates: from € 7,99
That’s it! No hidden extra’s, so NO subscribe- maintenance- of service-costs! >> plus… NO credit registration

whitegoods rental in Groningen

Washing machine, Tumble dryer, Fridge. Freezer, Dishwasher, Kitchen machine etc: durable Bosch quality.
Better for the enviroment
better for your wallet

fast delivery in Groningen:

Often within a week week
free installation.
Free removal
, old existing appliances taken in for retour

is er wel een wasserette in Groningen?

need a washing machine in Groningen?

If the launderette is not an option in Groningen
Leasing of a washing machine is often much cheaper then you think! (from € 11.99)

Rental (or leasing) of household appliances in Groningen is often much cheaper then you think , certainly on a long term, and easy! Take in mind the cost of maintenance and depreciation (how do you settle that with a roommate who left 3 weeks ago (after living with you for 17 months, and now there is a expensive reparation?? Leasing or renting of whitegoods in Groningen is ideal for students, expats. The solution for shared living situations in Groningen, Groningen.

Lease a dishwasher , washing machine, tumble dryer, freezer, fridge, etc. in Groningen

Durable: long lifetime, efficient with water, energy and soap.
You can choice New or refurbished , always with full guarantee and service! leasing in cooperation with a business unit of Bosch. Unique: Trialperiod 30 days, free cancelation and full refund!

logo-bluemovement-2023 partner van in de gemeente Groningen

Dishwasher lease in Groningen?

aanrecht vol met vieze vaat in de gemeente Groningen
een opgeruimd aanrecht kan ook in Groningen / gemeente Groningen
vaatwasser huren {leasen) in Groningen
Dishwasher lease in Groningen, {region} : dishwasher rental Groningen
koelkast huren in Groningen
Fridge or Freezer lease in Groningen, very energy efficient: fridge rental in Groningen
wasdroger huren (cq. leasen) in Groningen
Tumble dryer lease in Groningen, you can rent a tumble dryer via this link : Tumble dryer rental in Groningen
wasmachine huren (cq. leasen) in Groningen
Washing machine lease region Groningen: washing machine rental Groningen

UNIQUE: Trialperiod 30 days, don’t like it? >> free cancelation and full refund!

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Groningen, Groningen
from € 7,99
Ma-Zon 8 – 21u open